April 28, 2022

Importance of Organizational Behaviour:

According to OB experts (Kreitner & Kinichi), “OB is a horizontal discipline (subject) cutting across vertically every job business functions and professional specialists. OB-related skills are the ticket to ride the virtuous career spiral.” The field of OB provides an understanding of why people behave as they do in organizations. OB seeks to focus on the whole complex human factor in organizations by identifying the causes and effects of that behavior. The study of OB benefits us in several ways. Some of them are: 

1. Understand the organization and employee in a better way:

The study of OB helps us understand organizations and people in a better way. Because friendly and cordial (kind) relations between employees and organizations (managers) create a proper work environment in organizations. In this regard OB serves three purposes:

  • What causes behaviour?
  • Why particular antecedents (backgrounds) cause behaviour?
  • Which antecedents of behaviour can be controlled directly and which are beyond the control?

2. Motivate employee: 

OB helps managers to motivate employees. Motivation brings good organizational performance. It especially helps managers apply appropriate motivational tools and techniques following the nature of individual employees. OB considers individual differences in a proper way. 

3. Improve industrial/labour relations:

OB is a human tool for human benefits. It takes human problems humanly. It helps understand the root cause of the problem, predict its future course of action and control its negative consequences. Thus, behaving with employees as human beings enable the managers to maintain cordial employee relations. This is turn, creates peace and harmony in the organizations. 

4. Prediction and control of human behaviour:

One of the most important reasons for studying OB is to learn how to predict and control or manage human behavior in organizations. If done properly it helps to bring organizational effectiveness. Therefore, knowledge of OB becomes a pre-requisite for a person like you (the students of BBS/MBA/MBS/BBA/BIM/BCIS/BHM/BBM) who is going to assume a managerial job and succeed as a good manager. 


5. Effective utilization of human resources:


OB helps managers on how to manage people effectively in organizations. It enables managers to inspire and motivate employees towards higher productivity and better results. Thus, it guarantees the success of the organization to achieve its goals.    

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